Bulbochaete monile

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Bulbochaete monile Wittr. & Lundell; Wittr. Nova
Acta Soc. Sci. Upsal. III. 9 3 : 50. 1874.
? Bulbochaete nana Wolle, Fresh-w. Algae U. S. 100. 1887. Not B. nana Wittr. 1872.
Monoecious, usually few-celled; vegetative cell short and sometimes globose; oogonium
ellipsoid, patent (rarely erect), below terminal seta or vegetative cell; outer wall of oospore longitudinally costate; antheridia 1 or 2, erect or patent, subepigynous or scattered; vegetative cell 11-16 by 10—16 /x; oogonium 22-25 by 30-38 /x; oospore 20-23 by 28-35 ft; antheridium 8-10 by 6-8 ju.
Type locality: Sweden.
Distribution: Massachusetts, New Jersey; British Columbia.
bibliographic citation
Lewis Hanford Tiffany. 1937. OEDOGONIALES; OEDOGONIACEAE. North American flora. vol 11. New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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