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Body size: 1.5 mm. Color: body dark brown, metasoma often partially or completely lighter brown; scape and pedicel yellow, flagellum brown; legs yellow; wing veins, including stigma, brown, stigma rarely yellow at apex. Head: vertex usually smooth, often weakly transversely striate behind ocelli, dorsal-lateral corners sharply angled at upper eye margin; frons smooth; face weakly striate; temple in dorsal view narrow, sloping behind eye, width less than 1/2 eye width; malar space about 1/4 eye height; ocelli small, ocell-ocular distance about 4 times diameter of lateral ocellus; 15 flagellomeres. Mesosoma: mesoscutal lobes granulate; notauli shallow, scrobiculate, meeting posteriorly in small triangular costate area; scutellum usually smooth, occasionally weakly granulate; prescutellar furrow with 3–5 cross carinae; mesopleuron weakly granulate, often smooth just above precoxal sulcus; precoxal sulcus weakly scrobiculate or smooth, shorter than mesopleuron; venter smooth; propodeum sharply declivous posteriorly, dorsal surface short, basal median areas margined but short, granulate, basal median carina absent, areola not distinct, areolar area rugose, lateral areas entirely rugose. Wings: fore wing vein r about 1/2 length of vein 3RSa, vein 1cu-a beyond vein 1M; hind wing vein SC+R absent, vein M+CU equal to or slightly shorter than vein 1M. Metasoma: first metasomal tergum longitudinally costate, raised median area margined, declivous anteriorly and transversely costate, length of tergum about equal to apical width; second metasomal tergum longitudinally costate, width about 4 times median length; anterior transverse groove slightly sinuate; posterior transverse groove very weak or absent; third and following terga smooth; ovipositor slightly less than 1/2 length of metasoma. Male. Essentially as in female; width of second metasomal tergum about 3 times apical width; hind wing with stigma.
Paul M. Marsh, Alexander L. Wild, James B. Whitfield
bibliographic citation
Marsh P, Wild A, Whitfield J (2013) The Doryctinae (Braconidae) of Costa Rica: genera and species of the tribe Heterospilini ZooKeys 347: 1–474
Paul M. Marsh
Alexander L. Wild
James B. Whitfield
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