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Material examined. One female collected in a yellow pan trap at Venissieux , Rhone , France , on 6 August 1991 .

The species has been recorded from several European countries: Austria, Croatia, former Czechoslovakia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Moldavia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine (Kozlov 1971, 1988; Huggert 1979). Therefore, it is new for France.

Hosts are spider eggs, probably such as Meta segmentata (Clerck) (Huggert 1979).

Morphology. Kozlov (1971) illustrated I. aureopetiolatus , and Huggert (1979) more accurately redescribed and illustrated the species.

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bibliographic citation
Pintureau, B., 2003, New data on the European species of three genera Scelionidae (Hymenoptera)., Zootaxa, pp. 1-12, vol. 238
Pintureau, B.
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