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Chlorocebus aethiops (Vervet Monkey) is a species of primates in the family Old World monkeys. It is listed in CITES Appendix II. It is found in the Afrotropics and the Palearctic. Vervet Monkey is a frugivore. Individuals are known to live for 379.2 months and can grow to 4676 g. Reproduction is dioecious.

  • URI : http://eol.org/schema/terms/CITES_II
  • Définition : Appendix II lists species that are not necessarily now threatened with extinction but that may become so unless trade is closely controlled. It also includes so-called "look-alike species", i.e. species whose specimens in trade look like those of species listed for conservation reasons. International trade in specimens of Appendix-II species may be authorized by the granting of an export permit or re-export certificate. No import permit is necessary for these species under CITES (although a permit is needed in some countries that have taken stricter measures than CITES requires). Permits or certificates should only be granted if the relevant authorities are satisfied that certain conditions are met, above all that trade will not be detrimental to the survival of the species in the wild. (See Article IV of the Convention)
  • Source : https://www.speciesplus.net/#/taxon_concepts/7013/legal
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