Through this group VIMEO members can send their videos of organisms to the Encyclopedia of Life (eol.org). https://vimeo.com/groups/encyclopediaoflife Add a "taxonomic tag" It can be as simple as: [taxonomy:binomial=Anarhichas lupus] Or as complete as: [taxonomy:binomial=Anarhichas lupus] [taxonomy:kingdom=Animalia] [taxonomy:phylum=Chordata] [taxonomy:class=Actinopterygii] [taxonomy:order=Perciformes] [taxonomy:family=Anarhichadidae] [taxonomy:common=Atlantic wolffish] You can add this in the description section. Settings - General - Info - Description Below your actual description of your video. Choose a Creative Commons License Settings - Distribution - Discovery - Creative Commons license Choose any of these: Attribution Attribution Share Alike Attribution Non-Commercial Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike Make sure your photo is public Settings - General - Privacy - Who can watch? - Anyone Share your photo with the "Encyclopedia of Life Videos" group. Settings - General - Privacy - Groups Add group "Encyclopedia of Life Videos".

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