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Geranium glabratum (Hook.) Small
? Geranium parviflorum Willd. Kmim. 716. 1S09.
Geranium disseclum glabratum Hook. Handb. Fl. New Zeal. 36. 1864.
Perennial, the caudex more or less branched. Stems spreading or decumbent, 1-7 dm. long, ultimately widely branched, pubescent with usually scattered retrorse hairs or nearly glabrous ; leaf-blades 2-4 cm. wide, sparingly pubescent, 3-5-parted, the divisions cuneate, often broadly so, mostly with 3 broad teeth at the apex, the terminal tooth very broadly ovate to reniform ; pedicels retrorse-pubescent, the hairs rather appressed ; sepals awntipped, the outer ones 4.5-5.5 mm. long, the bodies ovate, 3-ribbed, ultimately nearly glabrous, except for a few hairs about the ribs ; petals purple, cuneate, 5-6 mm. long, nearly rounded at the apex ; style-column 11-12 mm. long, minutely pubescent ; carpelbodies about 3 mm. long, somewhat hirsute ; seeds reticulate.
Type locality : New Zealand.
Distribution : California. Naturalized from Australasia.
bibliographic citation
John Kunkel Small, Lenda Tracy Hanks, Nathaniel Lord Britton. 1907. GERANIALES, GERANIACEAE, OXALIDACEAE, LINACEAE, ERYTHROXYLACEAE. North American flora. vol 25(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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