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Bryoxiphium mexicanum Bescherelle 1892

Comprehensive Description

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Bryoxiphium mexicanum Besch. Jour, de Bot. 6 : 180. 1892
Bryoxiphium norvegicum Mitt. Jour. Linn. Soc. 12: 580, in part. 1869.
Euilichium norvegicum Besch. M^-m. Soc. Sci. Nat. Cherbourg 16: 173. 1872. Not E. norvegicum B.S.G. 1849.
Plants gregarious, pale-green, glossy, pendent from vertical faces of cliffs; stems 3-4 cm.
long, bulbous and rooting at the base, simple, or irregularly branching by subapical inno
vations: leaves distichous, imbricate, lanceolate, 2-3 mm. long, the apex acute, cuspidate or mucronate, serrate; costa ending below the apex, dorsally winged above; perichaetial leaves 5-7 mm. long, with a slender subulate sinuous awn. Dioicous: antheridia few, terminal: seta recurved, 3-5 mm. long: calyptra 1 mm. long, pale, cucullate: capsule pendent, ovoid, 1 mm. long, with a short stomatose neck; lid small, obliquely beaked, bordered with red cells; mouth also bordered with denser smaller irregular cells; walls thickened, brown when old, of irregular, hexagonal, thick-walled cells; spores 18-21 /i in diameter, finely granular, not quite smooth, matimng in June and July.
Type locality: Valley of Mexico City, Mexico. Distribution: Federal District; Orizaba, Vera Cruz.
bibliographic citation
Albert LeRoy Andrews, Elizabeth Gertrude Britton, Julia Titus Emerson. 1961. SPHAGNALES-BRYALES; SPHAGNACEAE; ANDREAEACEAE, ARCHIDIACEAE, BRUCHIACEAE, DITRICHACEAE, BRYOXIPHIACEAE, SELIGERIACEAE. North American flora. vol 15(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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