Diagnostic Description

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This species can be distinguished from Sundaland congeners except G. major and G. schmidti in possessing a double, diverging series (vs. A single, non-diverging series) of striae running along the edges of the central depression in the thoracic adhesive apparatus; differs from G. major in having a shorter head, 25.3-28.5% SL (vs. 27.8-33.0) and with the anterolateral edges of the thoracic adhesive apparatus gently convex (vs. markedly concave). Of the two other congeners from mainland Sumatra (G. platypogonides and G. schmidti), this species further differs from G. platypogonides in having a deeper body 15.3-18.6% SL (vs. 12.9-14.9) and caudal peduncle 8.4-10.6% SL (vs. 6.4-6.9); from G. schmidti in having a longer snout 47.9-53.8% HL (vs. 41.8-48.3), the thoracic adhesive apparatus with gently convex (vs. almost straight lateral edges. This species differs from Glyptothorax callopterus (recorded from Bangka) in having a deeper caudal peduncle 8.4-10.6% SL (vs. 6.5-8.7) and a more gently sloping predorsal profile (vs. 3A) (Ref. 78577).
Estelita Emily Capuli
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