provided by NMNH Antarctic Invertebrates

Alexandromenia, gen. nov.

Body relatively short and thick, length 25-32 mm. by 3.5-5 mm. diameter. Spicules small needle-like associated with larger radially directed ones. Papillae very large, multinucleate. Foot, 5-9 folds. Gill folds 20-40. Numerous pharyngeal glands and enormous lobulated glands opening on the sides of the pharynx. Radula monoserial. 1 pair seminal receptacles. Type of genus A. agassizi, sp. nov.

Posterior end truncated, gills exposed. Monoserial radula with slightly curved rectangular teeth. 40 gill folds. California. (p. 133.) A. valida, sp. nov.

Posterior end rounded, cloaca opening ventral. Teeth with two horn-like projections. 20 gill folds. California. (p. 142.)”

(Heath, 1911: 47)