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Micropuccinia lantanae (Farl.) Arth. & Jackson; Arth
Bull. Torrey Club 48: 41. 1921.
Puccinia Lantanae Farl. Proc. Am. Acad. Sci. 18: 83. 1883.
Uromyces Lantanae Speg. Anal. Soc. Ci. Argent. 17: 93. 1884.
Caeomurus Lantanae Kuntze, Rev. Gen. 3^: 450. 1898.
Dicaeoma Lantanae Kuntze, Rev. Gen. 3^: 469. 1898.
Puccinia accedens Sydow, Mong. Ured. 1: 309. 1902.
Dasyspora Lantanae Arth. R6sult. Sci. Congr. Bot. Vienne 347. 1906.
Puccinia Privae Sydow, Ann. Myc. 5: 338. 1907.
Uromyces Lip piae Speg. Anal. Mus. Nac. Buenos Aires 19: 313. 1909.
Pycnia unknown
bibliographic citation
Joseph Charles Arthur, Herbert Spencer Jackson. 1922. (UREDINALES); AECIDIACEAE (continuatio); MICROPUCCINIA (conclusio). North American flora. vol 7(8). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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Diagnostic Description

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on Lantana sp. Panama, Chiriqui Province, Quebrada Cermeno, 8°30.531'N, 82°26.203'W, 28 Nov. 2004, leg. J.R. Hernandez and R. Mangelsdorff 2004-147, III (BPI 864209).

P. lantanae was reported as tropical and subtropical in the western hemisphere, Africa, and Asia on species in the Verbenaceae and Acanthaceae (Farr et al. 2004). This is the first report of P. lantanae from Panama.

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bibliographic citation
Hernandez, J. R., 2007, A new species, Dicheirinia panamensis, and new records of rust fungi from Panama., Mycol Progress, pp. 81-91, vol. 6
Hernandez, J. R.
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