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Microstomum album (Attems 1897)

Scientific Names

Preferred Names

Microstomum album (Attems 1897)

Alternative Names

Alaurina alba Attems 1897
Synonym according to Catalogue of Life 26 March 2024

Common Names

There are no common names associated with this taxon.

Curated hierarchies for Microstomum album (Attems 1897)

Catalogue of Life 26 March 2024

Platyhelminthes Minot 1876
Rhabditophora Ehlers 1985
Macrostomorpha Doe 1986
Dolichomicrostomida Janssen, Vizoso, Schulte, Littlewood, Waeschenbach & Schärer 2015
Microstomidae Luther 1907
Microstomum Schmidt 1848