Comprehensive Description

provided by Memoirs of the American Entomological Society
Alloperla ouachita Stark and Stewart Alloperla ouachita Stark et al. (1983).
Type locality. — Arkansas, Montgomery County, LittleMissouri River.
Types.— Allotype F, AR: Hot Spring Co., Big Hill Cr., Hwy 7, 18-IV-85, BCP. Allotype in USNM.
Regional distribution. — AR: Hot springs Co., Big Hill Cr., Hwy 7, 18-IV-85.5M, 14F,2n,BCP; Montgomery Co., L. Missouri R., Albert Pike Campground, 20VI-80, 17M, E.J. Bacon and J.W. Feminella.
The first female and nymph descriptions are given below:
FEMALE: (Fig. 202). Forewing length 8 mm, body length 7 mm. General color white in alcohol, abdominal stripes absent. Subgenital plate with broad point, covering 1/2 of sternum 9.
NYMPH: (Fig. 207). General color pale yellow to light brown. Contrasting coloration generally lacking, except on head. Head slightly elongate; labrum, posterior margin of head, and ocellar triangle darker than ecdysial suture and area encircling eyes (Fig. 207). Posterior corners of head evenly rounded. Pronotum oval, slightly wider than long. Pronotal setae longest at corners, femora and tibiae with setal fringe along outer edge; setal length subequal to femur width.
bibliographic citation
Poulton, B.C., Stewart, K.W. 1991. The Stoneflies of the Ozark and Ouachita mountains (Plecoptera). Memoirs of the American Entomological Society vol. 38. Philadelphia, USA