Bulbochaete gigantea

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Bulbochaete gigantea Pringsh. Jahrb. Wiss. Bot. 1: 71. 1857
Dioecious, nannandrous, idioandrosporous; oogonium subdepressed-globose, or rarel}' dep.ressed-oboviformglobose, patent, below terminal seta, rarely below vegetative cell ; division of suffultory cell slightly below median; outer wall of oospore reticulate-scrobiculate; androsporangia 1-5; dwarf male slightly longer than the oogonium on which it develops; antheridium interior; stipe about twice as long as antheridium, curved; vegetative cell 24-32 by 50-112 x oogonium 60-70 by 50-58 x oospore 58-68 by 48-56 ^; androsporangial cell 18-20 by 10-14 fi; dwarf male stipe 10-13 by 28-45 //; antheridial cell 13-14 by 20-30 jx.
Type locality: Germany.
Distribution: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, Florida, Oklahoma.
bibliographic citation
Lewis Hanford Tiffany. 1937. OEDOGONIALES; OEDOGONIACEAE. North American flora. vol 11. New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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