Oedogonium wolleanum

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Oedogonium wolleanum Wittr. Bot. Notiser 1878: 137. 1878
Oedogonium apophysatum Rab. Alg. Sachs. 291. 1853. Not O. apophysatum A. Br. 1849.
Dioecious, nannandrous, gynandrosporous or idioandrosporous; oogonia 1-4, subobovoid or quadrangular-ellipsoid, pore superior, wall with raised longitudinal lines on the inner surface; oospore of same form as oogonium, quite filling it; outer layer of spore-wall with 25-35 entire longitudinal ribs, rarely anastomosing, inner layer smooth; androsporangia 1-3, often subepigynous or scattered in the upper part of the filament; basal cell elongate; terminal cell, sometimes an oogonium, short-acute or acuminate; dwarf male on suffultory cell, stipe slightly curved; antheridia exterior, 1-3; vegetative cell 21-30 by 65-235 it; suffultory cell 45-56 by 68-1 10 m; oogonium 58-68 by 69-89 ft; oospore 56-66 by 65-83 it; androsporangium 21-30 by 18-25 it; dwarf male stipe 15-24 by 54-60 ju; antheridium 9-14 by 7-11 /*.
Type locality: Pennsylvania.
Distribution : Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Florida; Puerto Rico; Greenland. Plate 36./. 549, 550. 154a. Oedogonium Wolleanum var. concinnum Hirn, Acta Soc. Sci. Fenn. 27: 222. 1900. Smaller; oospore not quite filling oogonium; ribs of outer layer of spore-wall finely crenulatevegetative cell 19-27 by 80-180 t* suffultory cell 41-52 by 72-150 M ; oogonium 54-63 by 63-93 M * oospore 52-61 by 62-74 M ; dwarf male stipe 16-20 by 50-60 ,*; antheridium 10-13 by 10-15 „. Type localityMinnesota. Distribution: Minnesota. Plate 36./. 551.
bibliographic citation
Lewis Hanford Tiffany. 1937. OEDOGONIALES; OEDOGONIACEAE. North American flora. vol 11. New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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