Ditrichum giganteum

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Ditrichum giganteum R. S. Williams, Bull. N. Y. Bot
Gard. 2 : 113. 1901.
Didymodon JUxicauU sterile De-Not. Syll. Muse. 197. 1838.
Leplolrichum flexicaule sterile De-Not. Atti Univ. Genova 1: 515. 1869.
Leptoirichum flexicaule longifolium J. E. Zett. Nova Acta Soc. Sci. Upsal. III. 7": 14. 1869
Trichostomum flexicaule longifolium, J. E. Zett. Oefv. Sv. Vet.-Akad. Forh. 34^ 71. 1877.
Ditrichum flexicaule longifolium I. Hagen, Tromso Mus. Aarsh. 21-22: 40. 1899.
Plants often 10-15 cm. high, in lax yellowish-green cushions; stems branching by slender apical innovations, matted with brown tomentum below : leaves not crowded, erect or secimd, twisted when drj', 5-7 mm. long, lanceolate, subulate, the awn canaliculate with inciu-ved serrulate margins, the apex serrate; costa broad and indistinct at the base, excvurent and often rough on the back; basal cells narrowly rectangular, the marginal ones linear, with thin walls, wider, thick-walled and generally pitted near the costa, becoming short, irregular or square in the middle of the leaf and elongate at the apex; perichaetial leaves abruptly truncate and serrate, with a short rough subulate point. Dioicous: antheridia on slender plants with brown bracts: seta slender, pale-red, twisted, 3-3.5 cm. long: capsule erect or inclined, 2-3 mm. long, ovoid-cylindric, the neck tapering, stomato.se; mouth small, bordered with 3-4 rows of elongate cells; annulus large, of 3 rows of cells falling with the conic lid; peristome without a basal membrane; teeth flat, contracted at the joints, papillose, mostly entire and not bifid: spores 1 1-12 /i in diameter, smooth, maturing in autumn.
Type locality: Columbia Falls, Montana.
DisTRrBUTiON: On gravel banks and sand bars and in crevices of rocks, in the Rocky Mountains from Montana to Yukon Territory; around the Great Lakes, in Miimesota and Michigan; also in Europe, from Scandinavia to Italy in the mountains, usually sterile.
bibliographic citation
Albert LeRoy Andrews, Elizabeth Gertrude Britton, Julia Titus Emerson. 1961. SPHAGNALES-BRYALES; SPHAGNACEAE; ANDREAEACEAE, ARCHIDIACEAE, BRUCHIACEAE, DITRICHACEAE, BRYOXIPHIACEAE, SELIGERIACEAE. North American flora. vol 15(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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