Bulbochaete crassa

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Bulbochaete crassa Pringsh. Jahrb. Wiss. Bot. 1: 72. 1857
Dioecious, nannandrous^ gy nandrosporous ; oogonium subdepressed-globose to globose, patent, below terminal seta or rarely vegetative cell; division of suffultory cell median or a little above; outer oosporewall scrobiculate ; androsporangia scattered, up to 4~seriate; dwarf male a little longer than oogonium; antheridium exterior, unicellular; stipe about twice as long as antheridium; vegetative cell 22-26 by 44—60 /*; oogonium 52-60 by 42-51 ft; oospore 50-58 by 40-48 ft; androsporangium 13-15 by 14-16ju; dwarf male stipe 9-1 1 by 32-44 p antheridium 8-9 by 2 1-24 ft.
Type locality : Germany. Distribution: Massachusetts, Ohio.
bibliographic citation
Lewis Hanford Tiffany. 1937. OEDOGONIALES; OEDOGONIACEAE. North American flora. vol 11. New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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