Zygodon intermedins

Comprehensive Description

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Zygodon intermedins

Zygodon intermedins B.S.G., Bryol. Eur. 3:41, 1838. [Original material: New Zealand, coll. J. D. Hooker, 1839–1843.]

Zygodon brownii Schwaegr., Sp. Musc. Suppl. 4:317b, 1842. [Original material: Tasmania, coll. R. Brown, 1801–1803.]

Zygodon brachyodus C. Müll. & Hampe, Linnaea 28:210, 1856. [Original material: Sealers Cove, Victoria, Australia, coll. F. Müller, 1855.]

Zygodon affinis Doz. & Molk. ex Bosch & Lac., Bryol. Jav. 1:107, 1859. [Original material: Java.]

Zygodon kraussei Lor., Moosstud. 162, 1864. [Original material: Near Valdivia, Chile, coll. Krause.]

Zygodon nanus C. Müll., Hedwigia 37:135, 1898. [Original material: Greymouth, South Isl., New Zealand, coll. Helms, 1888.]

Zygodon hymenodontioides C. Müll., Hedwigia 37:135, 1898, hom. illeg. [Original material: Moe River, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia, coll. Luehmann, 1881.]

Zygodon gracilicaulis C. Müll., Hedwigia 37:135, 1898. [Original material: Greymouth, South Isl., New Zealand, coll. Helms, 1885.]

Zygodon curvicaulis Dus., Rep. Princeton Univ. Exp. Patag. 8:84, 1903. [Original material: Rio Chico, Patagonia, coll. J. B. Hatcher, 1896–1897.]

Zygodon pangerangensis Fleisch., Musci Fl. Buitenzorg 2:395, 1904. [Original material: Pangerango, 2700 m, West Java, coll. Fleischer.]

Zygodon stresemannii Herz., Hedwigia 57:233, 1916. [Original material: Gunung Pinaia, Central Ceram, Indonesia, coll. Stresemann.]

Zygodon coraniensis Herz., Biblioth. Bot. 87:63, 1916. [Original material: Above Coranital, ca. 2600 m, Bolivia, coll. Herzog n. 3413, 1911 (JE).]

Zygodon transvaaliensis Rehm. ex Sim, Trans. R. Soc. S. Afr. 15:271, 1926. [Original material: Lechlaba, Houtbosch, Transvaal, coll. Rehmann, Musci austro-afric. n. 500.]

Yellowish green plants with clustered, slender, erect stems usually ca. 5 mm high, sparingly branched. Leaves not ranked, erect-spreading from the base when moist, somewhat contorted when dry, to 1 mm long, 0.3 mm wide, narrowly oblong with short-acute apex, usually apiculate with a sharp apical cell; costa ending 10 or more cells below apex; cells of lamina 7–10 μm in diameter, mostly rounded with rather thickened walls, finely and distinctly pluripapillose; inner basal cells somewhat larger, to 15 μm long, to 12 μm wide, smooth. Propagula mostly 3-celled. Dioicous. Setae yellow, 5–7 mm long. Capsule urn ca. 1.5 mm long. Spores 13–18 urn in diameter, papillose.

MAS A TIERRA: NE slope Cerro Piràmide, 350—450 m. Sk. M33 part (S); Cumberland Bay, El Pangal, Sk. M53 (S); Cordon rechts v. Yunque, 600 m, K. 313/11b; Wand Damajuana, K. 317/11c.

The species is known from Cameroon and Abyssinia south in Africa, from India, Ceylon, Indonesia, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, and South America north to Bolivia.
bibliographic citation
Robinson, Harold E. 1975. "The mosses of Juan Fernandez Islands." Smithsonian Contributions to Botany. 1-88. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.0081024X.27