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Reboulia hemisphaerica (L.) Raddi, Opusc. Sci. Bologna 2:
357. 1818.
Marchantia hemisphaerica LSp. PI. 1138. 1753.
Marchantia crinita Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 2: 276. 1803.
Asterella hemisphaerica Beauv. Diet. Sci. Nat. 3: 257. 1805.
Marchantia barbata Link; Weber, Hist. Muse. Hep. Prodr, 104, as synonym. 1815.
Strozzia hemisphaerica S. F. Gray, Nat. Arr. Brit. PI. 1: 682. 1821.
Achiton quadratum Corda, in Opiz, Beitr. 649. 1829.
Otiona crinita Corda, in Opiz, Beitr. 649. 1829.
Grimaldia hemisphaerica Lindenb. Nova Acta Acad. Leop. -Carol. 14: Suppl. 106. 1829.
Marchantia fasciata Myrin; Lindenb. Flora 16^: 174. 1833.
Grimaldia madeirensis Lindenb. Flora 16^; 175. 1833. " Fegatella hemisphaerica Tayl. Trans. I/inn. Soc. 17: 383. 1837.
Grimaldia ventricosa Wallr. Linnaea 14: 688. 1840.
Reboulia fasciata Nees; G. LN. Syn. Hep. 549. 1846.
RebouUa javanica Nees; G. L. N, Syn. Hep. 549. 1846.
Fegatella microcephala Tayl. Lond. Jour. Bot. 5: 410. 1846.
Reboulia microcephala Nees; G, I/. N. Syn. Hep. 790. 1847.
Reboulia Sullivantii I/ehm. Stirp. Pug. 10: 24. 1857.
Reboulia longipes Sande-Lacoste, Ann. Mus. Bot. I^ugd.-Bat. 3: 209. 1867.
Asterella hemisphaerica fasciata iindb. Not. Sallsk. Faun. Fl. Fenn. 9: 286. 1868.
A sterella fasciata Trevisan, Mem. 1st. Lomb. 13: 439. 1877.
Asterella microcephala Trevisan, Mem. 1st. I^omb. 13: 439. 1877.
Asterella javanica Trevisan, Mem. 1st. Lomb. 13: 439. 1877.
Reboulia hemisphaerica paroica Massal. & Carest.; Massal. Ann. 1st. Bot. Roma 2: 5Z. 1886.
Reboulia hemisphaerica longilanata Lindb. & Arnell, Sv. Vet.-Akad. Hand!. 23^: 14. 1889.
Asterella longipes Mitt. Trans. Linn. Soc. II. 3: 205. 1891.
Reboulia hemisphaerica macrocephala Massal.; Sommier. Fl, Giglio 118. 1898.
Reboulia hemisphaerica javanica Schiffn. Denks. Akad. Wien 67; 155. 1898.
Reboulia hemisphaerica microspora Schiffn. Oesterr. Bot. Zeits. S8: 228. 1908.
Reboulia occidentalis Douin, Rev. G6n. Bot. 30: 144. 1918.
Reboulia Charrieri Douin, Rev. Gen. Bot. 30: 144. 1918.
Thallus usually green above in the middle and brownish-purple along the margins and beneath, mostly 1-3 cm. long and 6-7 mm. wide, with a narrow rounded keel and thin and undulate margins, scarcely or not at all incurved when dry; epidermal cells averaging about 50 X 30 ju, the trigones usually with convex sides; pores elevated, with usually 4 or 5 cells in each radiating series; ventral tissue largely restricted to the keel; appendages of ventral scales usually 2, rarely 3, narrowly lanceolate or linear, mostly 0.7-0.9 mm. long and 0.06-0.1 mm. wide, long-acuminate, entire, composed of larger cells than the rest of the scale. Parolcous, autoicous, or dioicous; male receptacle sometimes at the base of the stalk of the female receptacle, sometimes terminating a separate branch, oval to broadly lunate, often deeppurple, a few slender marginal paleae sometimes present; stalk of female receptacle bearing at base and apex clusters of slender paleae, more or less pigmented below, mostly 1.5-3 cm. long, the disc mostly 3-4 mm. wide; capsule green; spores yellow or yellowish-brown, mostly 60-80 fi in diameter, with wavy wings 6-10 m wide; spore-surface minutely punctulate and showing in addition a coarse and fairly regular network with meshes mostly 16-20 m wide; elaters yellow, mostly 10-12 /j, wide, bispiral throughout or trispiral in the middle.
Type locai^ity: Europe.
Distribution: Manitoba and British Columbia; widely distributed in the United States; Mexico; Bermuda and the West Indies; also in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australasia; on rocks, walls, and earth.
bibliographic citation
Caroline Coventry Haynes, Marshall Avery Howe, Marshall Avery Howe, Alexander William Evans. 1923. SPHAEROCARPALES - MARCHANTIALES; SPHAEROCARPACEAE, RIELLACEAE; RICCIACEAE, CORSINIACEAE, TARGIONIACEAE, SAUTERIACEAE, REBOULIACEAE, MARCHANTIACEAE. North American flora. vol 14(1) New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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