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Nannosquilloides occulta

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provided by Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology
Nannosquilloides occulta (Giesbrecht, 1910)

Nannosquilla occulta.—Holthuis, 1967a:25 [references].

Nannosquilloides occulta.—Manning, 1977a:91, fig. 27 [West Africa].

MATERIAL.—ISRAEL: Off Khan Yunis, about 31°24′N, 34°15′E; 40 m; 5 Jan 1970; E. Gilat; USNM: 1, 17.5 mm. Off Nizzanim, 31°44′N, 34°28′E, 50 m; mud; 26 Jan 1977; Ch. Lewinsohn and B. Galil; NS 13623:1, 25 mm; 1, 24 mm. Same, 31°44′N, 34°28′E; 50 m; mud; 1 Jul 1977; Ch. Lewinsohn and B. Galil; USNM: 1, 23 mm. Off Ashdod, 31°50′N, 34°30′E; 45 m; 8 Dec 1969; E. Gilat; USNM: 1, 21 mm.

DIAGNOSIS.—Size small, maximum length less than 50 mm. Rostral plate quadrangular, with anterior spine, lacking median carina. Cornea bilobed. Anterolateral angles of carapace unarmed. Carapace, thorax, and abdomen lacking longitudinal carinae. Mandibular palp absent, 5 epipods present. Dactylus of claw with 8-9 teeth. Lateral process of fifth thoracic somite low, inconspicuous. Telson margin (Figure 3) with movable submedian and 2 other pairs of fixed teeth, 4 intermediate denticles present.

SIZE.—Our specimens are 17.5-25 mm long. The specimens studied by Giesbrecht (1910) also were small, the largest, juveniles, apparently having total lengths of 22-23 mm. Steuer (1933) recorded a specimen 36 mm long from the Adriatic; that, apparently, is the largest specimen known to date.

DISTRIBUTION.—Eastern Atlantic, from the Mediterranean Sea, including Naples, Italy, off Rovinj, Yugloslavia, in the Adriatic, and now Israel, and from the West African coast at localities between Sénégal and Angola. Sublittoral, in depths between 30-35 and 200 m.

It has not been recorded previously from Israel.
bibliographic citation
Lewinsohn, C. and Manning, Raymond B. 1980. "Stomatopod Crustacea from the eastern Mediterranean." Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. 1-22. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.00810282.305