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Pisonia fasciculata Standley, Contr. U. S. Nat. Herb. 13: 388
Branches reddish-brown or gray, smooth, the branchlets stout, spinose, sparsely puberulent when young, glabrate in age; spines few, stout, straight, 3-4 mm. long; petioles slender, 4-5 mm. long, puberulent; leaf-blades oblong-elliptic to oval-elliptic, 3.5-4 cm. long, 1.3-2 cm. wide, acute at the base, acute or abruptly acute at the apex, the apex usually obtuse, subcoriaceous, bright-green, concolorous, sparsely puberulent beneath along the midvein, at least when young, elsewhere glabrous, the margins plane, the lateral veins nearly obsolete; peduncles of the staminate inflorescence usually in clusters of 2-5, 10-12 mm. long, viscid villous with very short ferruginous hairs, the cymes subcapitate, about 1 cm. in diameter, 51 0-nowered, the flowers short-pedicellate, the pedicels densely and shortly f errugino-villous ; staminate perianth campanulate, 2-3 mm. long, glandular-puberulent ; stamens 6, nearly twice as long as the perianth; pistillate flowers and fruit not known.
Type locality: Nicaragua. Distribution: Guatemala and Nicaragua.
bibliographic citation
Paul Carpenter Standley. 1918. (CHENOPODIALES); ALLIONIACEAE. North American flora. vol 21(3). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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