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Saprolegnia torulosa De Bary, Abh. Senck. Nat. Ges
12: 255. 1881; Bot. Zeit. 46: 618. 1888.
Saprolegnia sp. Lindst. Syn. Saproleg. 48. 1872.
Primary sporangia slender, cylindric, claviform; oogonia irregularly spheric, elongate, pyriform or cylindric, rarely oval, almost always appearing in torulose rows of two to several by constriction of the main hyphae, after ripening remaining firmly attached to each other, rarely solitary and terminal; oogonial wall with few or no pits; oospores centric; antheridial branches and antheridia usually completely lacking, when present either androgynous or diclinous. Antheridia with or without a fertilizing tube. (Species not distinguishable from S. monoica until the formation of primary sporangia.) (Description adapted from De Bary, Bot. Zeit. 46: 618. 1888.)
Type locality: Germany.
Habitat: Fresh water. . . .
Distribution: New Hampshire?, Massachusetts?, Louisiana?; also in nurope.
bibliographic citation
William Chambers Coker, Velma Dare Matthews, John Hendley Barnhart. 1937. BLASTOCLADIALES, MONOBLEPHARIDALES; BLASTOCLADIACEAE, MONOBLEPHARIDACEAE -- SAPROLEGNIALES; SAPROLEGNIACEAE, ECTROGELLACEAE, LEPTOMITACEAE. North American flora. vol 2(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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