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Lobelia oxyphylla Urban, Symb. Ant. 7: 418. 1912
Lobelia Shaferi Urban, S>-mb. Ant. 7: 419. 1912. {Shajer 3465, Berlin!) Lobelia obtusala Urban, Ark. Bot. 23A': 105. 1930. {Ekman 15937. Berlin!) Lobelia nipensis Urban, Ark. 23A': 106. 1930. (Ekman 9S90, Berlin!)
Stem erect, suffrutescent, coarse (sometimes 1 cm. in diameter), 1.2-2 A m. high, angulate and nearly smooth below, tomentulose above and about the leaf-bases; cauline leaves stiff (leathery?), glabrous except for scattered hairs (these especially along the veins beneath), smooth above, roughened beneath by the prominent veins, the margin uniformly and finely callose-denticulate, appearing subentire or sinuate-dentate, the teeth 2-4 per cm., rarely 1 mm. high, the blades 2-5 cm. wide by 10-31 cm. long, usually 3.5-4.5 (6) times as long as wide, elliptic-oblong, elliptic, or sometimes oblanceolate, abruptly narrowed to a rounded acumen 0.5-1.5 cm. long or sometimes the acumen obsolete, the apex then blunt, the basal third usually nearly entire, the base long-acuminate, the margins decurrent on the petiole; petiole below leaf margins about 0.5-1 cm. long; inflorescence scarcely pedunculate, 5-11 cm. long, few-40flowered; pedicels up to 15 mm. long, crisply pubescent or glabrate, about 0.5 mm. in diameter, flexuous, each with a pair of subopposite pubescent filiform bracteoles 1-2 mm. long about one-third the distance from base to apex; flower-bracts linear or the lowest broader, nearly glabrous, acute, 2-10 mm. long (the lowest larger), decurrent ; flower not inverted, about 15 mm. long, including h>-panthium; corolla 11-12 mm. long, smooth or granulose, purplish (according to Shafer), the tube fenestrate, narrow, slightly curved, the lobes arcuately curved, the two next the dorsal fissure about 5 mm. long, the others about 4 mm. long; filament-tube 7-9 mm. long, nearly glabrous, the filaments connate more than half their length; anther-tube 3.0-3.5 mm. long, glabrous, all anthers beardless; hypanthium in anthesis turbinate, sparsely pubescent, in fruit asymmetric, obliquely campanulate, longer than broad, 4-6 mm. wide; capsule about two-thirds inferior, 7-9 mm. long, the narrowly conical beak woodywalled ; calyx-lobes triangular, acute or blunt, about 1.5-3 mm. wide at base by 4-5 mm. long, glabrous or slightly ciliate, entire or obscurely toothed; seeds oblong-ovoid, shallowly and regularly pitted-reticulate.
Type locality: Camp La Gloria, south of Sierra Moa, Oriente, Ciiba, Shafer S039 (Berlin!). Distribution: Mountains of Oriente, Cuba.
bibliographic citation
Rogers McVaugh. 1943. CAMPANULALES; CAMPANULACEAE; LOBELIOIDEAE. North American flora. vol 32A(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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