Vriesia graminifolia

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Vriesia graminifolia Mez & Werckl^; Mez, Bull Herb. Boiss. H. 4: 868. 1904.
Flowering plant barely 4 dm. high, very slender; leaves up to 4 dm. long, 5 mm. wide, linear and grass-like, acuminate, apprcssed-pale-Iepidotc, chartaceous when dry; sheaths violettinged; blades green, concolorous; scape erect, very slender, terete, glabrous; scupc-bracts lax, verj' narrow, reddish with foliaceous blades; inflorescence simple, 3-flowered in the type, exceeded by the leaves, lax, 7 cm. long; axis slightly angled and imdulate; floral bracts secund with the flowers and enfolding their bases on one side, membranaceous, striate, the lowest produced into a long acuminate blade, the others acute, 1 7 mm. long and about equaling the sepals; flowers suberect; pedicels stout, 5 mm. long; sepals elliptic, narrowly obtuse, 15 mm. long, 7 mm wide, castaneous ydth a pale membranaceous border when dry, even and shiny; capsule acuminate, gray-black, opaque.
Type ixjcality: Costa Rica.
Distribution: Known only from the type locality.
bibliographic citation
Lyman Bradford Smith. 1938. (XYRIDALES); BROMELIACEAE. North American flora. vol 19(2). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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