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Achnatherum miliaceum (L.) P. Beauv.

Comprehensive Description

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Oryzopsis miliacea (L.) Benth. & Hook. ; Aschers. & Schweinf
Mem. Inst. Egypt. 2: 169. 1887.
Agroslis miliacea L. Sp. PI. 61. 1753.
Achnatherum miliaceum Beauv. Agrost. 20, 146, 148. 1812. (Based on Agroslis miliacea L.)
Piptatherum miliaceum Coss. Notes Crit. 129. 1851. (Based on Agroslis miliacea L.)
Culms erect from a decumbent base, relatively stout, sometimes branching, 60-150 cm. tall, glabrous or scaberulous, the nodes several; sheaths glabrous, mostly shorter than the internodes, somewhat keeled; ligule truncate, scaberulous, 1-2 mm. long; blades flat, glabrous or nearly so beneath, scaberulous on the upper surface, 20-30 cm. long, 4-8 mm. wide; panicle 15—30 cm. long, erect or somewhat nodding, loose, the branches ascending or spreading, 5-10 cm. long, verticillate, naked below, often with some short leaves intermixed, the axis glabrous, the branches scabrous; pedicels scabrous, the lateral about 1 mm. long; glumes 3 mm. long, glabrous, rather abruptly acuminate, faintly 3-nerved, minutely scaberulous; lemma glabrous, oblong-elliptic, 2 mm. long; awn straight or slightly flexuous, 4 mm. long.
Type locality: Europe.
Distribution: Open ground and waste places, southern California; ballast, near Philadelphia; introduced from the Mediterranean.
bibliographic citation
Albert Spear Hitchcock. 1935. (POALES); POACEAE (pars). North American flora. vol 17(6). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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