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Narrowleaf Hoarypea

Tephrosia angustissima var. corallicola (Small) Isely

Comprehensive Description

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Cracca corallicola Small, Bull. Torrey Club 36: 160. 1909
A perennial, ligneous at the base; steins erect or decumbent, flexuose, branched, densely hirsute-villous with short hairs, 3-10 dm. long; leaves numerous, 4-10 cm. long; stipules subulate, 2-4 mm. long; rachis hirsute-villous; leaflets 11-15, linear or linear-oblong, mucronate, 1-3 cm. long, 3-5 mm. wide, hirsute-villous on both sides; racemes including the peduncle 5-10 cm. long; flowers mostly solitary at the nodes; bracts subulate; calyx hiisute, the tube 4 mm. long, the lobes subulate, 3 mm. long; corolla pinkish or purplish, 7-10 mm. long; banner suborbicular, strigose without; wings broadly obliquely oblanceolate, with a rounded basal auricle; pod 3.5-4.5 cm. long, 3-4 mm. wide, hirsutulous, 5-8-seeded; seeds obloug-reniform, 3 mm. long, 2 mm. broad.
Type locality: Between Coconut Grove and Cutler, Florida,
Distribution: Subtropical Klorida and Cuba.
bibliographic citation
Per Axel Rydberg. 1919. (ROSALES); FABACEAE; PSORALEAE. North American flora. vol 24(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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