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Tholoarctus natans natans Kristensen & Renaud-Mornant 1983


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This is a frequently reported northern hemisphere species from cold waters around the Faroe Bank to tropical regions of the Maldives. From the southern hemisphere it is known only from a few tropical or subtropical localities. The depth distribution is peculiar, as it has been reported from intertidal to abyssal depths but is most often found in the subtidal zone. This wide geographic and depth range suggests that further study is necessary. Tholoarctus n. natans has been reported from different types of sand and detritus and also in marine cave sediments.
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bibliographic citation
Kaczmarek, Ł.; Bartels, P. J.; Roszkowska, M.; Nelson, D. R. (2015). The Zoogeography of Marine Tardigrada. <em>Zootaxa.</em> 4037(1): 1-189.
Guidetti, Roberto [email]
Guidetti, Roberto [email]