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Styraconyx kristenseni kristenseni Renaud-Mornant 1981


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Kristensen & Higgins (1984a) believed that this species, from the sargassi group, was a strongly stenotopic interstitial taxon connected with coral sand. However, since Kristensen & Higgins (1984a), S. k. kristenseni has been recorded from many localities, not just in coral sand, especially in the Mediterranean region. It is known mainly from intertidal and subtidal habitats (also marine caves) in tropical and southern parts of the temperate climatic zones, but has also been reported from cold waters of northern Europe (deeper than 100 m bsl). It exhibits much more geographic variation than other members of the genus Styraconyx.
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bibliographic citation
Kaczmarek, Ł.; Bartels, P. J.; Roszkowska, M.; Nelson, D. R. (2015). The Zoogeography of Marine Tardigrada. <em>Zootaxa.</em> 4037(1): 1-189.
Guidetti, Roberto [email]
Guidetti, Roberto [email]