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Athanas dimorphus Ortmann, 1894

Athanas dimorphus Ortmann, 1894:12, pl. 1: fig. 1 [type locality: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Upanga Reef; holes and recesses in coral].—D.M. and A.H. Banner, 1973:313, fig. 6.—A.H. and D.M. Banner, 1983:76.

Athanas solenomerus Coutière, 1897a:381 [type locality: Red Sea].

Athanas leptocheles Coutière, 1897a:381 [type locality: Red Sea].

Athanas dispar Coutière, 1897b:233 [type locality: Djibouti and El Suweis; under stones at low tide].

Athanas setoensis Kubo, 1951:265, figs. 5, 6 [type locality: Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture, southwest of Kii Peninsula, Japan].

Athanas dimorphus seedang A.H. and D.M. Banner, 1966b:28, fig. 4 [type locality: Koh Kradard, Thailand].

DIAGNOSIS.—Rostrum usually overreaching 2nd antennular segment; orbit without supracorneal tooth, extracorneal tooth acute, infracorneal tooth rounded, not overreaching extracorneal; major cheliped with chela subcylindrical, carpus longer than chela in mature female, merus deeply excavate on flexor surface; 2nd pereopod with 5 carpal articles; 3rd pereopod with dactyl simple, not biunguiculate, about as long as propodus; maximum carapace length to base of rostrum nearly 10 mm.

RANGE.—Red Sea and eastern Africa, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Caledonia; commonly amid detritus on shallow reef flats, rarely to a depth of 115 meters.
bibliographic citation
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