provided by NMNH Antarctic Invertebrates

Splendrillia jacula n.sp. Fig. 191.

Shell small, very slender. Spire 1.4 times the height of the aperture. Whorls 8, including a typical protoconch. Peripheral angle rounded but very prominent, situated below the middle of the whorl. Axials rather strong, oblique, very elongate, extending on to the base on the body whorl, 10 to 12 in number on the penultimate whorl, 11 to 13 on the body whorl. Growth lines prominent, finely spaced. The only spiral sculpture occurs across the neck of the canal as a number of indistinct lines. Subsutural fold practically obsolete. Shoulder moderately deep. Base slightly constricted, neck of canal inflated. Inner lip a thin glaze, sinus moderately deep.

Height, 12.2 mm.; diameter, 4.1 mm.; height of spire, 7.0 mm.

Holotype (M.9755) and paratypes in Dominion Museum.

Locality: B.S. 190, off east Otago, in 300 fathoms.

The slender outline, oblique, elongate axials, lack of subsutural fold and the minor development of spirals which are confined to the neck distinguish this form.”

(Dell, 1956: 134)