Comprehensive Description

provided by Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology
Archasterope dentata Poulsen, 1965

Archasterope dentata Poulsen, 1965:339, figs. 113, 114.

HOLOTYPE.—Female with large unextruded eggs in ovary; carapace length 1.89 mm.

TYPE LOCALITY.—Off southeast Australia, 38°12′S, 149°40′E, 180 m.

MATERIAL EXAMINED.—Through the courtesy of Dr. Torben Wolff, I received from the Copenhagen Museum the holotype and paratype (adult female) of the species. Both were in a single small vial within a larger vial containing a label with the following information: “Archasterope dentata n. sp., 180 m. 17-9-1914. female 1.89 mm. Mortensen leg., E.M. Poulsen det. Type.” Unfortunately, the 1st antennae of both specimens were not in the vial.
bibliographic citation
Kornicker, Louis S. 1989. "Bathyal and Abyssal Myodocopid Ostracoda of the Bay of Biscay and Vicinity." Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. 1-134. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.00810282.467