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Indascia spathulata Reemer


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Adult male. Body size: 6 mm. Head. Face occupying slightly less than 1/3 of head width in frontal view; black; entirely silvery white pilose. Gena black, white pilose. Oral margin not produced. Frons and vertex black; yellowish white pilose, except for few black pile at ocellar triangle. Occiput black; black pilose dorsally, yellowish pilose laterally and ventrally. Eye bare. Antennal fossa about as high as wide. Antenna black; basoflagellomere with dorsal margin somewhat concave; antennal ratio approximately as 5:1:9. Thorax. Thorax black, except postalar callus and postpronotum yellowish brown and ventral pleurae brown. Mesoscutum black pilose, except yellow pilose laterally. Postpronotum and postalar callus yellow pilose. Scutellum semicircular, without calcars; yellow pilose. Anepisternum weakly sulcate; dorsal 3/5 yellowish pilose, ventral 2/5 bare. Anepimeron entirely long yellowish white pilose. Katepisternum long white pilose dorsally, bare ventrally. Katatergum long microtrichose, anatergum short microtrichose. Calypter greyish. Halter yellowish white. Wing: Hyaline; microtrichose, except bare on cell sc, basally on cell r1 along vein Rs, basal 1/2 of cell br, basal 3/4 of cell bm, anteriorly on cell cup along vein CuA. Legs: pale yellow, except blackish brown on basal 1/3 of front, basal 3/4 of mid and most of hind femur (except extreme base and apex yellow in the latter), and distal 2/3 of hind tibia; yellow pilose, except black pilose on 4th and 5th tarsomere of front and mid leg, and on dark parts of hind femur and tibia. Coxae blackish brown; yellow pilose. Trochanters yellow; yellow pilose. Abdomen. Tergites black, except anterior 1/4 of tergite 3 yellow and narrow anterior margin of tergite 4 yellow. Tergites 1 and 2 white pilose. Tergite 3 white pilose on yellow part, black pilose on black part. Tergite 4 black pilose, except white pilose in anterolateral corners and along posterior margin. Sternites black, except sternite 3 yellow on anterior 1/4. Sternite 1 bare. Sternite 2 white pilose. Sternite 3 white pilose on yellow part and along lateral margins. Sternite 4 black pilose, except white pilose along anterior margin. Male genitalia as in Fig. 118. Female. Unknown.
Menno Reemer, Gunilla Ståhls
bibliographic citation
Reemer M, Ståhls G (2013) Generic revision and species classification of the Microdontinae (Diptera, Syrphidae) ZooKeys 288: 1–213
Menno Reemer
Gunilla Ståhls
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