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Occurs in coastal waters, on seagrass and algal bottoms (Ref. 7360).Nicholsina usta collettei subspecies recognized from the east Atlantic (Ref. 11064).
Pascualita Sa-a
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Comprehensive Description

provided by Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology
Nicholsina ustus collettei Schultz

Nicholsina ustus collettei Schultz, 1968, pp. 1–5, pl. 1.

Characterized by having 11 to 13, average 11.93, gill rakers on 1st gill arch; number of denticles in outer posterior row of dentary 9 to 14, rarely 14, and not increasing in number with increase in length.

Specimens: USNM 201582, 201443, 201444, 201445, 201446, 201447, 201448, 201449 and 201450, off Guinea, West Africa between 8°52′-9°53′N and 13°48′-15°56′W, November-December 1963, 30 spec.

RANGE.—Eastern Atlantic off Guinea, West Africa.

Nicholsina denticulatus (Evermann and Radcliffe)

Xenoscarus denticulatus Evermann and Radcliffe, 1917, p. 129, pl. 12: fig. 1.

Nicholsina denticulatus.—Schultz, 1958, p. 129, pls. 5D, 26B, C; 1968, pp. 1–5.

Characterized by having dermal cirrus well developed on anterior nostril but not quite reaching posterior nostril; head rounded, becoming slightly pointed in adults; distal edge of caudal fin with broad white margin; least width of preorbital 1.2 to 1.3 times in inter-orbital space.

Recently collected specimens: USNM 202270, Lobos de Afuera, Northwest Island, 6 June 1966, 32 spec. From the Galapagos Islands: USNM 202348, 24 May 1966, 8 spec; USNM 202350, 21 May 1966, 9 spec; USNM 202354, Ecuador, Bahia de Santa Elena, 2° 13′11″S, 80°52′22″W, 4 May 1966, 2 spec.

RANGE.—Eastern tropical Pacific.

Euscarus Jordan and Evermann, 1896, p. 416.

Characterized by having 5 median predorsal scales; gill membranes broadly joined to isthmus without free fold; dorsal spines pungent; no free imbricated teeth on dental plates; edge of upper jaw included in that of lower jaw when mouth closed.

RANGE.—Eastern Atlantic Ocean, and Mediterranean Sea.
bibliographic citation
Schultz, Leonard P. 1969. "The taxonomic status of the controversial genera and species of parrotfishes with a descriptive list (family Scardiae)." Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. 1-49. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.00810282.17