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Relicina sublanea

Relicina sublanea (Kurokawa) Hale, 1974:485.

Parmelia sublanea Kurokawa in Hale and Kurokawa, 1964:146 [type-collection: Halmahera Island, Indonesia, Groenhardt 8409 (BO, holotype; US, isotype)].

Thallus adnate on bark, coriaceous, 6–10 cm in diameter; lobes sublinear-elongate, 1–2 mm wide; bulbate cilia strongly inflated; upper surface more or less convex, continuous; lower surface pale brown, densely rhizinate, the rhizines densely branched, and agglutinated (Figure 8g). Apothecia common (frequency 60%), adnate, 1–4.5 mm in diameter, ecoronate; spores 8, 4–5 × 7–9 μm.

CHEMISTRY.—Medulla K−, C−, KC+ rose, P+ orange red, usnic and protocetraric acids.

HABITAT.—On trunk and canopy branches of dipterocarps in rain forest at 300–850 m elevation.

DISTRIBUTION.—Southern Philippines, Malaya, and Indonesia.
bibliographic citation
Hale, Mason E., Jr. 1975. "A Monograph of the Lichen Genus Relicina (Parmeliaceae)." Smithsonian Contributions to Botany. 1-32. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.0081024X.26