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Urocystis Fischeri Korn. Hedwigia 16: ,4. 1S77 Urocyslis Agropyri Fisch. de Waldh. Bull. Soc. Nat. Mosc. 40': 258. 1867. Tubuninia Fischeri Liro, Ann. Univ. Fenn. Aboen. 1': 29. 1922.
Sori chiefly on leaves, rarely on culms, forming more or less elongate striae of embedded dark-colored spore-balls; spore-balls completely covered with thin lighter-colored sterile cells smaller than the spores, chiefly 20-40 ji in length; spores 1-3 (usually 1, rarely 3) in a ball, dark-reddish-brown, subspheric to irregularly elongate, 14-20 it in length.
On Cvperaceae:
Carex atherodes, Manitoba.
Carex triqueira, California. Type UOCAI.ITY: Germany, on Carex acuta. Distribution: California; Manitoba; also in Europe.
bibliographic citation
George Lorenzo Ingram Zundel, John Hendley Barnhart. 1939. (USTILAGINALES); ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS, HOST-INDEX. North American flora. vol 7(14). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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