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Ustilago hypodytes (Schlecht.) Fries, Syst. Myc. 3 : 518. 1832
Caeoma hypodytes Schlecht. Fl. Berol. 2 : 129. 1824.
Ustilago Sporoboli igllis & Bv. Bull. Torrey Club 24 : 282. 1897. (Type from Colorado, on Sporo-
bolus cryptandrus.) Not U. Sporoboli Tracy .& Earle, 1896. Ustilago funalis KHis & Kv. Bull. Torrey Club 24 : 457. 1897. Sorosporium Williamsii Griff. Bull. Torrey Club 29 : 296. 1902. (Type from Wyoming, on Stipa
Richardsonii. )
Sori surrounding internodes (beginning at their bases) for usually the greater part of their length, linear, hidden by enveloping leaf-sheaths but without special covering membrane, when mature forming a dusty dark-brown spore-mass ; spores ovoid to spherical, occasionally slightly polyhedral or irregular, smooth, often guttulate, chiefly 4-7 /^ in length.
On Poaceae :
Agropyron occidentale, Montana, South Dakota.
Distichlis spicata {D. maritima') , Arizona, California, Connecticut, Nevada, New Mexico,
Oregon, Texas, Washington. Elynius canadensis^ Iowa.
Elymus condensaius, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Elymus glaucus^ California. Elymus striatus^ Montana. Eriocoma cuspidata iOryz op sis cuspidata'), Colorado.
Poa Buckleyana,^ Nevada.
Puccinellia airoideSy California.
Sitanion longifolium, California, Washington.
Sporobolus cryptandrus, Colorado.
Sporobolus s^., California.
Stipa comata, Montana, Nebraska, Washington.
Stipa coronata, California.
Stipa eminens, California.
Sttpa occidentalism Oregon.
Stipa Richardsonii, Wyoming.
Sttpa setigera, California, Texas.
Sttpa spartea, Illinois, South Dakota.
Sttpa Vaseyi, New Mexico.
Stipa viriduM^oxiM. Dakota.
Sttpa sp.,y?7Tag^Washington. Type locality : Vicinity of Berlin, Germany, on Elymus arenarius.
Distribution : Connecticut ; Illinois to Texas, California, and Washington ; also in South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
bibliographic citation
George Perkins Clinton. 1906. USTILAGINALES; USTILAGINACEAE, TILLETIACEAE. North American flora. vol 7(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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