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Ustilago longissima (Sow.) Tul. Ann. Sci. Nat
III. 7: 76. 1847.
Ly coper don filiforme Schrank, Bot. Tasch. Hoppe 1793: 69. 1793. (Type from Bavaria, on Poa
aquaiica.) Uredo longissima Sow. Engl. Fungi ^/. 139. 1798. Ustilago Jiliformis Rostr. Fests. Bot. For. KJ0b. 136. 1890.
Sori in leaves, forming more or less distinct and linear groups from a few mm. to length of the leaf, soon rupturing epidermal covering and the reddish-brown spore-mass becoming scattered from the more or less shredded tissues ; spores light-brown, oblong or ellipsoidal to spherical, smooth or scarcely granular under an immersion, 4-8// in length.
On Poaceae :
Panicularia a-mericana {Glyceria grandis), Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan,
Minnesota, New York, Vermont, Wisconsin. Panicularia {Glyceria) sp., New Hampshire. Type locality: Ivambeth Marsh, England, on Poa aquaiica {Panicularia aquatica). Distribution : New England to Minnesota and Iowa ; also in South America, Europe, and Asia.
bibliographic citation
George Perkins Clinton. 1906. USTILAGINALES; USTILAGINACEAE, TILLETIACEAE. North American flora. vol 7(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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