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Euphilomedes agilis (Thomson)

Philomedes agilis Thomson, 1879:257, figs. C, 3a-e; D, 1a-g.—Brady, 1897:90, pl. 16: figs. 13–16; 1898 [listed].—Müller, 1912:25 [key], 28.—Thomson and Anderton, 1921:117 [listed].

Euphilomedes agilis (Thomson).—Poulsen, 1962:388, fig. 170 [?].—Eager, 1971:55 [listed].

HOLOTYPE.—Not designated. SYNTYPE-LOCALITY.—Rock pools on Taieri Beach, New Zealand.

MATERIAL.—USNM 128283, 1 adult male, USNM 128280, 1 N–1 male; both collected on Eltanin Cruise 20, station 91, New Zealand.

DISTRIBUTION.—Rock pools on Taieri Beach, near Dunedin, southeast coast, South Island, New Zealand, and Otago Harbour (surface), New Zealand (New Zealand localities, about 46°S, 171°E). A specimen which I consider questionably identified was reported by Poulsen (1962) from the surface in Noumea Bay, New Caledonia (about lat. 22°21′E). Two specimens which I also consider questionable are described herein from the intertidal area of the west coast of North Island, New Zealand (about 36° 51′S, 174°45′E) (Figure 185).
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Kornicker, Louis S. 1975. "Antarctic Ostracoda (Myodocopina) Parts 1 and 2." Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. 1-720. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.00810282.163