provided by NMNH Antarctic Invertebrates

“Dictyociona discreta (Thiele) (Plate LVI, figs. 3-4).

Microciona discreta, Thiele, 1905, p. 447, fig. 65;

Dictyociona discreta, Topsent, 1913, p. 618, pl. iii, fig. 5.

Occurrence. St. WS 79: Falkland Islands, 131-132 m.; St. WS 9S: Falkland Islands, 108-109

Remarks. On examining a piece of the holotype, I find that the smooth parts of the acanthostyli are not so well defined as Thiele’s drawings would suggest. Usually spines are present on those parts, but they may be few and only feebly developed.

Distribution. Calbuco; Gough Island.”

(Burton, 1932: 324)