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Rondeletia microphylla Griseb. Cat. PI. Cub. 127. 1866
Shrub, 3-10 dm. high, much branched, the branches stout, terete, brownish, densely
hirtellous when young; stipules minute, triangular, acute, erect, persistent; leaves opposite or
ternate, often crowded, the petioles stout, about 1 mm. long, the blades obovate-oblong or
narrowly elliptic-oblong, 5-16 mm. long, 3-6 mm. wide, cuneate or obtuse at the base, acute or
obtuse at the apex, thin, densely hirtellous, or glabrate in age, dull-green above, slightly paler
beneath, the costa slender, prominent, the lateral veins few, mostly obsolete, the margins plane
or subrevolute; inflorescence terminal, usually 1 -flowered, sometimes 3-flowered, the pedicels
slender, 2-13 mm. long; bracts elliptic or oblong, foliaceous, petiolate, the bractlets linear;
hypanthium densely hirtellous; calyx-lobes 5, oblanceolate or spatulate-linear, 3-6 mm. long,
obtuse, foliaceous, erect; corolla orange-red, hirtellous outside, the tube slender, 8-10 mm.
long, naked in the throat, the 5 lobes rounded, 3.5-4 mm. long, spreading; capsule globose,
3-4 mm. in diameter, hirtellous.
Type locality: Western Cuba.
Distribution: Rocky stream banks, Pinar del Rio, Cuba.
bibliographic citation
Paul Carpenter Standley. 1918. RUBIALES; RUBIACEAE (pars). North American flora. vol 32(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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