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Procambarus (Austrocambarus) mexicanus (Erichson)

Astacus (Cambarus) mexicanus Erichson, 1846:99.

Astacus Mexicanus.—Erichson, 1846:87.

Astacus mexicanus.—Dana, 1852:522.

Cambarus aztecus Saussure, 1857b:503, fig. 23. [Type locality: “Pris à Tomatlán, dans les Terres—Chaudes,” Veracruz, Mexico. Syntypes: GM, 13 dry specimens; USNM 20682 (male I, dry).].—Hobbs, 1987:206, fig. 2.

Cambarus Mexicanus.—Saussure, 1858:460.

Cambarus mexicanus.—Saussure, 1858:461.

Cambarus Aztecus.—Hagen, 1870:11.

Astacus Aztecus.—von Martens, 1872:131.

Cambarus (Cambarus) mexicanus.—Ortmann, 1905c: 101.

Cambarus (Procambarus) mexicanus.—Ortmann, 1905d:437.

Astacus Astecus.—Valdés Ragués, 1909:180 [erroneous spelling].

Procambarus aztecus.—Hobbs, 1942a:342 [by implication].

Procambarus mexicanus.—Hobbs, 1942a:342 [by implication].—Villalobos, 1954b:307, pls. 1, 2; 1955:162, pls. 34, 35; 1983:156, pls. 34, 35.

Procambarus mexiacnus.—Villalobos, 1954b:304 [erroneous spelling].

Procambarus Mexicanus.—Creaser, 1962:7.

Procambarus (Austrocambarus) mexicanus.—Hobbs, 1972a:6; 1974b:45, fig. 173; 1987:200, fig. 1.

Procambarus (Austrocambarus) aztecus.—Hobbs, 1972a:6; 1972b [1976]:43, figs. 30e, 34c, 36b; 1974b:44, fig. 172; 1987:201.

TYPES.—Lost, formerly in ZBM. Neoholotype, ANSP 421 (male I); neoallotype and neoparatypes, IBM (Villalobos, 1954b:312).

TYPE LOCALITY.—Mexico. Restricted by Villalobos (1954b:312) to “El Mirador de Zacuapan,” 8 kilometers (5 mi) northeast of Huatusco, Veracruz.

RANGE.—Veracruz, Mexico, south of the Cordillera Volcánica Transversal.

HABITAT.—Lentic and lotic situations.
bibliographic citation
Hobbs, Horton Holcombe, Jr. 1989. "An Illustrated Checklist of the American Crayfishes (Decapoda, Astacidae, Cambaridae, Parastacidae)." Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. 1-236. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.00810282.480