Pleiogynium timorense Fruit

Image of <i>Pleiogynium timorense</i> (DC.) Leenh.


DescriptionAPI Burdekin plum tree Pleiogynium timorense. Australian native tree from North Queensland. Before I've found ID for this tree, I called it "Muffin-nut tree", because of the funny shape of these seeds (endocarp). So, look for old seeds underneath the tree - there could be plenty of fruit remains - the hard endocarp, that surrounds the seeds. Someone say, the endocarps look like little UFOs with portholes in the side! I reckon they are muffin shaped. The ripe fruit are dark purple, edible and were popular with Aborigines, explorers and settlers. But I would agree with Joseph Banks who collected samples in 1770, complained that the fruits of Burdekin plum were "so full of a large stone that eating them was but an unprofitable business". Burdekin Plum is in the family Anacardiaceae, along with Mangoes and Cashew Nuts. asgap.org.au/p-tim.html www.sgapqld.org.au/bushtucker7.html Date 25 April 2010, 15:06 Source Burdekin plum tree - fruit, seeds, leaves, trunk (3 photos) Uploaded by berichard Author Tatiana Gerus from Brisbane, Australia Camera location 27° 33′ 21.86″ S, 152° 55′ 16.9″ E View all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap - Google Earth -27.556073; 152.921361

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