Image of Axinellidae Carter 1875

Image of Axinellidae Carter 1875


Figure 1.Auletta krautteri sp. n. A Fresh specimen, KML1107, KML Sta. 171/76, West of Flamingo Inlet, BC, scale bar 5 cm B KML1105, vertical longitudinal section, scale bar 3 mm C KML1105, cross section, scale bar 3 mm; D–O. KML1105, spicules D ends of style, scale bar 50 µm E style associated with osculum (under light microscope), scale bar 100 µm F–I various forms of styles F scale bar 100 µm; G. scale bar 100 µm H scale bar 200 µm I scale bar 300 µm J ends of oxea, scale bar 50 µm K–M various forms of oxeas K scale bar 300 µm L scale bar 200 µm M scale bar 300 µm N ends of strongyle, scale bar 50 µm O, P two forms of strongyles, scale bar 300 µm.

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William C. Austin, Bruce S. Ott, Henry M. Reiswig, Paula Romagosa, Neil G. McDaniel
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Austin W, Ott B, Reiswig H, Romagosa P, McDaniel N (2013) Two new species in the family Axinellidae (Porifera, Demospongiae) from British Columbia and adjacent waters ZooKeys 338: 11–28
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