Image of Paraphaea minor Shi & Liang 2013

Image of Paraphaea minor Shi & Liang 2013


Figures 111–125.Left ovipositors of females, ventral view, scale bars = 0.2 mm: 111 Paraphaea binotata (Dejean), a specimen from Guangxi 112 Paraphaea minor sp. n., a paratype from Hainan 113 Paraphaea philippinensis (Jedlička), holotype 114 Anchista fenestrata fenestrata (Schmidt-Göbel), a specimen from Nepal 115 Physodera dejeani Eschscholtz, a specimen from Yunnan 116 Physodera eschscholtzii Parry, a specimen from Yunnan 117 Diamella cupreomicans (Oberthür), a specimen from Yunnan 118 Allocota aurata (Bates), a specimen from Shaanxi 119 Allocota bicolor sp. n., a paratype from Guangdong 120 Lachnoderma asperum Bates, a specimen from Zhejiang 121 Dasiosoma bellum (Habu), a specimen from Guangdong 122 Dasiosoma maindroni (Tian & Deuve), a specimen from Tonkin 123 Dasiosoma quadraticolle sp. n., a paratype from Yunnan 124 Orionella lewisii (Bates), a specimen from Zhejiang 125 Endynomena pradieri (Fairmaire), a specimen from Taiwan.

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Hongliang Shi, Hongzhang Zhou, Hongbin Liang
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Shi H, Zhou H, Liang H (2013) Taxonomic synopsis of the subtribe Physoderina (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini), with species revisions of eight genera ZooKeys 284: 1–129
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