EOL Curators

EOL Curators work as a team to increase the overall quality and quantity of content on the EOL site.  Any EOL member, not just professional scientists, can now participate in the curation of EOL contributions.  In order to match curator responsibilities with each curator's expertise and experience, we distinguish three different curator levels:

  1. Assistant curators do not require any credentials and are approved automatically.  They have limited curation privileges and can apply for full curator status after participating successfully in the curator community.
  2. Full curators are credentialed professional scientists or EOL community members who have earned the respect of other curators through their work as assistant curators.  They have extensive curation privileges and can apply for master curator status after gaining experience as a full curator.
  3. Master curators are experienced EOL curators who have demonstrated an exceptional level of engagement with the project.  They have a number of special curation privileges including the approval and promotion of other curators.

EOL keeps track of each curator's work on the site, and a tally of the curator's activity is displayed on their profile page.  Community members can thus assess each others' contributions to the site, and curators can point to a record of their accomplishments.

Helpful Links:

Join the EOL Curator Community!

When you join EOL as a member, you can apply to become a curator.  If you want to be an assistant curator, all you need to do is provide your real first and last name and fill in your anticipated curation scope.  Your application will then be approved automatically.  Please be sure to read the Curation Standards and the Information for Curators before starting your work as a curator.

If you would like to be a full curator or master curator, you also need to supply credentials, which we will check before granting you extended curation privileges.  You will then get an email message once your application has been approved.

If you are already an EOL member, you can request to become a curator by going to your edit my profile form. 

When you sign up as an EOL curator, you will automatically be added to the EOL Curators Community.  We use the newsfeed of this community to announce new curator toolkit features, gather feedback on them, and discuss policies and standards.