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JIRAfied Taxon Concept Management Tasks

Last updated almost 4 years ago

This collection tracks taxon concept management tasks that we could not fix using the web tools. We have created tickets for them in our bug tracking system, so they can be addressed by our developers.

Also see these related collections: Taxon Concept Management To Do List, Taxon Concept Management Tasks With Pending Issues, Taxon Concept Management Tasks Completed.

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    Ground Beetle

    Carabidae Conjuctae is an informal carabid subgroup, characterized by a synapomorphy. In our names infrastructure, this group gets mixed up with the family Carabidae: All the family HEs from this concept should be moved to the family page:

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1329

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    Elephant Shrews

    There's a Wikipedia hierarchy in here that puts mammals in Macroscelidea: Animalia +
        Chordata +
             Mammalia +
          "Amphibia" (wide sense) +

  • 72177_88_88


    Palearctic Tortoises

    Still getting all reptile images due to the bad vimeo hierarchy. Requesting a reindex. -- Multiple reindexing reduces number of foreign images, but still a bunch lingering.

    Sort value: JIRA:DATA-1459

  • 67433_88_88

    Polybranchia orientalis from Hastings Point, New South Wales,...

    Image of Polybranchia orientalis

    Polybranchia is a genus of sea slugs, but at least a couple of Polybranchia sea slug (mollusc) images are showing up in the Spionidae (polychaete annelid) media gallery. I just had a quick look at this and at least part of the explanation seems to be a species ITIS puts in Spionidae called Polybranchia foxi--but see (and this is listed as reviewed by Kristian Fauchald, who certainly knows his polychaete taxonomy). I'm not sure what ITIS does with Polybranchia sea slugs such as Polybranchia orientalis. Looks like the spionid genus Polychaeta is a nomen dubium:

    Katja: I separated the mollusk & annelid concepts, BUT we have a hierarchy from OBIS that puts a mollusk species (P. viridis) in Spionidae. I cannot fix this with the curator tools, so I have created a JIRA ticket: TAX-1744. Will probably take a while to get addressed.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1744

  • 67433_88_88


    Need to silence OBIS hierarchy that mixes mollusks & annelids.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1744

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    File:Vipera Berus Haukipudas 20110602d.JPG

    Image of Vipera berus

    On "turtles" media tab (, along with thousands of other snakes, etc. -- Need help from technical team to get this fixed. -- Vimeo hierarchy is fixed. Reindexing turtles & Testudo to flush out all the misplaced photos.

    Sort value: JIRA:DATA-1459

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    Several images of Claytonia in this Montia media collection. -- This is because some Claytonia species (e.g., Claytonia siberica) used to be in Montia, and we're still getting the old name from some providers. Nothing we can do about this at the current time.

    Sort value: JIRA:WEB-4457

  • 36992_88_88


    European Hairgrass

    Several images of all kind of grass Genera in this Aira media collection. -- The issue here seems to be that many grasses were once described in the genus Aira and then moved to other genera. Thanks to the long memory of Tropicos, we have these old names, which is great, and we are using them to pull images in the Aira collection, which is not so great. There's currently no solution to this problem, but it's on our radar screen as something that needs to be fixed.

    Sort value: JIRA:WEB-4457

  • 95230_88_88


    There are protists in this fungal genus concept.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1733

  • 67214_88_88



    There are fungi in this protist concept.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1733

  • 00071_88_88


    Lamellibrachiidae is a family of polychaetes, yet several BOLD hierarchies have it in the Trematoda.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1730

  • 96584_88_88



    This is showing images from Calliphora vomitoria This is due to a bogus hierarchy from AskNature that puts Calliphora in Chironomidae.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1727

  • 21350_88_88

    Mucuna urens

    Horse-eye Beans

    Split off a bunch of magpie HEs to a separate Pica pica sericea concept. No idea what they were doing in the Mucuna urens concept (apparently due to invalid vernacular name???). Also merged this with another Mucuna urens concept. -- A week later, the Pica pica sericea HEs (including the ones that I had moved from the Pica pica concept to the subspecies concept) have snuck back into the Mucuna urens concept!!!! Separated them again 23 Jul 2013, choosing the CoL hierarchy as exemplar. -- Pica pica sericea HEs have snuck back in by mid October.-- Jirafied.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1724

  • Bacteria

    hierarchies referring to genus, kingdom and species are all erroneously merged here -- This is the phasmid genus, but there is a moneran HE from ITIS. For some odd reason, our ITIS import has the kingdom Bacteria twice, so one of them gets bumped to the insect genus. Both ITIS kingdom HEs should be in this concept: I cannot do this with the curator tools, because there are too many descendents affected.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1722

  • 83766_88_88

    Cogumelo // Mushroom (Psathyrella sp.)

    Image of Psathyrella

    Another mushroom in the plant image collection. This one is also attached to a genus node. -- Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Herbarium Specimen Images (E) puts fungi in Plantae. We'll have fungi in the plants image collection until they change this or we have a way to silence their hierarchies.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1720

  • 16975_88_88


    Image of Chordata

    Showing up under Mammalia (which are chordates, but....) [also duplicate of above]. This is due to an error in the Wikipedia taxonomy for Lasiurus salinae. Instead of Order: Chiroptera, they have Order: Chordata. I fixed this on Wikipedia, and it should resolve itself with our next Wikipedia harvest. -- Wikipedia has since been reharvested, but the Lasiurus salinae hierarchy does not update.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1700

  • 00469_88_88


    Pulled in all ciliate genus HEs from the cactus concept. But need to have the hierarchy silenced because it puts both Sagittarius (bird) and Sagittaria (ciliate) in the same family, Sagittariidae.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1719

  • 92413_88_88


    Storks and Allies

    Several images of Cathartidae on this Ciconiidae page. -- AnAge and Obis palce the New World vultures in Ciconiidae. This is an outdated hypothesis that has long been abandoned, but until those partners update their classifications, we will have vulture images in our Ciconiidae media collection.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1716

  • 26146_88_88


    Storm Petrels

    IABIN puts Fregata in Oceanitidae: This is clearly an error, probably due to confusion of Fregata & Fregetta. This pulls frigate birds into the storm petrel media collection, and since frigates are more commonly photographed, the collection consists primarily of birds that don't belong here.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1715

  • 00728_88_88

    File:Ardea herodias5.jpg

    Image of Ardea herodias

    Pictures of great blue herons are polluting the Great Egret media collection. There's nothing in the Names tab of either species that would explain this. This one is due to a misinterpretation of information from Avibase Avibase - Howard & Moore 3rd edition (corrigenda 8) hierarchy_id: 859 hierarchy_entry_id: 45701701 Ardea [alba or modesta] (synonym) Ardea
    I am afraid this is interpreted as Ardea is a synonym of Ardea alba and therefore pulls all Ardea images into the Great Egret collection.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1672

  • 03691_88_88


    Brushtail Possums and Cuscuses

    Most of the images are of Phascolarctos cinereus. The seem to be same as on Phascolarctidae page. -- hm, I cannot find the cause for the koala invasion of the Phalangeridae collection. I'll have to request developer support to figure this one out.

    Sort value: JIRA:WEB-4585

  • 94754_88_88


    Image of Physeter macrocephalus

    Identified as "Physeter Macrocephalus" (correct even if I don't like the case of the specific epithet), but the link to that goes to the genus. I've added a "proper" association to the species, but don't see a way to remove or edit the above association. EOL assumes that all epithets are lower case, so upper case epithets get interpreted as author names. This creates havoc and gets species and genus concepts mixed up. This one is now fixed.

    Sort value: JIRA: TAX-1713

  • 78885_88_88

    Dendrocygna arborea

    Black-billed Whistling Duck

    There are Dendrocygna viduata images in the Dendrocygna image collection - no apparent explanation. They all seem to come from Wikimedia Commons, but their hierarchy looks ok.

    Sort value: JIRA: TAX-1712

  • 96683_88_88

    Periphylla periphylla lateral

    Image of Periphylla periphylla

    According to the Weird Life community, "Seems a cnidarian, Periphylla periphylla, somehow snuck into the media images amongst the Onychophorans.." -- This is due to a bogus hierarchy from Natural History Museum Species of the day.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1711

  • 39362_88_88



    The Physalis media collection contains many images of species that are not in this genus, but that used to be placed in the genus at one time or another. Aggregation if images based on synonyms is problematic, and EOL needs to reconsider this practice.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-686

  • 85424_88_88


    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1603

  • 63938_88_88


    This concept currently only has HEs from the crazy beetle/cockroach Frankenstein hierarchy.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1709

  • 38317_88_88


    This concept features a crazy Frankenstein classification from that mixes the lycid genus Dictyoptera with the insect order Dictyoptera.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1709

  • 89121_88_88


    Golden Gumleaf Grasshopper

    Need to take out the ulidiids.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1700

  • 05756_88_88

    Myliobatis californica

    Bat Eagle Ray

    Not a child of Rhinoptera, but images are propagating to --- Apparently, there are a couple of synonyms for this species in the genus Rhinoptera. We really shouldn't be using out of date synonyms to aggregate content, see WEB-4457

    Sort value: JIRA:WEB-4457

  • 17615_88_88


    There's a Humboldtia Vahl HE here with children Humboldtia contorta Ruiz & Pav., Humboldtia polystachya Ruiz & Pav., and Humboldtia spiralis Ruiz & Pav. These are actually not children of Humboldtia Vahl, but of Humboldtia Ruiz & Pav. which is an orchid, not a legume. Having this incorrect classification here pulls a bunch of orchids into legume media collections. I have submitted a request for correction to Tropicos, and they have fixed it at the source, but it looks like we don't update this resource very often, so it would be good to get this hierarchy quarantined on our end.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1705

  • 55858_88_88


    Misspelling of Scarabaeidae. Needs to be merged. Too big for the curator concept management tools.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1706

  • 71137_88_88


    Moss Animal

    Merge with our better Bryozoa page. Gonna require a jira ticket. I haven't made one yet.

    Sort value: TAX-1704

  • 89184_88_88


    Tiger Moths

    Merged in a bunch of pseudo-taxa from BOLD. Got an error trying to merge this with the family: Probably too big. Filed JIRA ticket. Should merge Erebidae:Arctiinae with Arctiidae but leave Arctiidae:Arctiinae alone.

    Sort value: JIRA: TAX-1684

  • 98054_88_88 Eucarya Woese et al. 1990 > Plantae (Haeckel 1866)


    Flowering Plants

    Needs to be merged with the main angiosperms concept. Too big for the curator tools.

    Sort value: JIRA:TAX-1697

  • 23069_88_88


    Land Plants

    This page is mixing up two "concepts" associated with this name--the traditional one including just the horsetails and the more recent one including ALL land plants! So this needs to be split into at least 2 pages. See Brief Summary Too big for TCM tools: jirafied as TAX-1676

    Sort value: JIRA: TAX-1676

  • 80122_88_88



    Merge with mammals. Expect this to be done manually via existing Jira ticket.

    Sort value: JIRA: TAX-1673