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I am an associate Professor now, working in the Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Hohhot, China since 1998. I am dedicated to Entomological research since 1994 when I was a undergraduate. I love teaching,travelling, collecting and taking photographs for worldwide insects. I am really enjoyed talking with scientists and asking questions about what I found. Never old to learn. Also I have several ideas to be carried out in my present and future research. I hope to transfer my interests and attitude of research to many students who are really intested in the insects and do contributions to biodiversity in the world. I learn more and more from several scientists in the university of California, Davis and California Department of Food and Agriculture during my postdoctoral position in the United States, 2010-2012. I attend ESA, NADS, ECN conference since 2010, meet with many friends and give two talks about Agromyzids of California and Lauxaniids of China. I published more than 25 papers on Lauxaniidae and Agromyzidae (in progress). Hope to share our collection with the worldwide scientists.

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