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I am DVM and enthusiast naturalist from Chile.

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Mildred Ehrenfeld
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EHRENFELD, M.; CANALS, M. and CATTAN, P.E. 1998. Population Parameters of Triatoma spinolai (Heteroptera: Reduviidae) Under Different Environmental Conditions And Densities. Journal of Medical Entomology 35(5): 740-744. CANALS M, BUSTAMANTE RO, EHRENFELD M, CATTAN PE. Assessing the impact of disease vectors on animal populations. Acta Biotheor. 1998-99;46(4):337-45 CANALS M, SOLIS R, TAPIA C, EHRENFELD M, CATTAN PE.1999. Comparison of some behavioral and physiological feeding parameters of Triatoma infestans Klug, 1834 and Mepraia spinolai Porter, 1934, vectors of Chagas disease in Chile. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. 1999 Sep-Oct;94(5):687-92. CANALS M, EHRENFELD M, CATTAN PE. 2000. Situation of Mepraia spinolai, a wild vector for Chagas disease in Chile, in relation to others vectors from the perspective of their feeding profile. Rev Med Chil Oct; 128(10): 1108-12.
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Triatomines and Rodents of Chile