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1. Biologist, PhD in Zoology: Speciation in greek bushcrickets of the Poecilimon propinquus-group 2. Author of peer-reviewed articles about evolutionary biology: mate choice, nuptial gifts in bushcrickets, especially of the genus Poecilimon (Orthoptera: Tettigonioidea: Phaneropteridae) compare for articles in cooperation with my wife Dr. Gerlind UC Lehmann Additionally author of a determination key about german Orthoptera. Moreover, our determination key for northern and middle European Odonata is translated into Frensh and Dutch: Lehmann AW, Nüss J-H 1998 Libellen 5Ed. Deutscher Jugendbund für Naturbeobachtung. 130 pp. see 3. DZG (Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft), GdO (Gesellschaft deutschsprachiger Orthopterologen, Member of the scientifc board), DGfO (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Odonotologie)
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