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Ditrichum Moss

Ditrichum lineare Lindberg 1871

Comprehensive Description

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Ditrichum lineare (Sw.) Lindb. Acta Soc. Sci Fenn. 10: 108. 1871.
Didymodon lineare Sw. Adnot. Bot. 100. 1829. Trichostomum vaginans Sull. Musci Allegh. 176. 1845. Leptotrichum vaginans Schimp. Syn. ed. 2. 140. 1876. Trichostomum nodulosum Aust. Bull. Torrey Club 6: 73. 1876.
Plants gregarious, 1-2 cm. high; stems erect, simple or branching by slender innovations 1-1.5 cm. long: leaves erect, appressed, particularly on the branches, lanceolate, blunt or cucullate; margins entire or serrulate, plane or very slightly revolute; costa stout, ending below the apex in the lower leaves, excurrent in the upper; perichaetial leaves sheathing, the apex subulate, or short-cuspidate, serrulate, the base broad, the cells linear, not hyaline nor quadrate. Dioicous: antheridia terminal in buds on slender plants: seta 1-3 cm. long, erect, twisted in two directions, rufous, slender: capsule erect, smooth, almost cylindric; lid short, blunt or conic-rostrate with a serrate edge, the cells straight; mouth small and bordered; annulus large, double, falling with the lid ; peristome deeply inserted; teeth divided unequally at the base into two slender, finely papillose, nodose segments, smooth when immature: spores 10-12 ;i in diameter, nearly smooth, maturing in the autumn.
Type locality: Lanca-ster. Pennsylvania.
Distribution: On clay soil, roadside?, rarely on rocks; Prince Edward Island; New Hampshire and Vermont to North Carolina and Missouri; also in Europe.
bibliographic citation
Albert LeRoy Andrews, Elizabeth Gertrude Britton, Julia Titus Emerson. 1961. SPHAGNALES-BRYALES; SPHAGNACEAE; ANDREAEACEAE, ARCHIDIACEAE, BRUCHIACEAE, DITRICHACEAE, BRYOXIPHIACEAE, SELIGERIACEAE. North American flora. vol 15(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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