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Hutchins' Ulota Moss

Ulota hutchinsiae Hammar 1852

Comprehensive Description

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Ulota hutchinsiae (Smith) Hammar, Monogr. Orthotr
Ulot. Suec. 27. 1852.
Orthotrichum americanum Beauv. Prodr. Aeth. 80. 1805.
Orthotrichum Hutchinsiae Smith, Eng. Bot. pi 2523 1814.
Orthotrichum strictum Brid. Bryol. Univ. 1: 289. 1826.
Weissia americana Lindb. Musci Scand. 28. l°/9. ,
Ulota americana Limpr. in Rab. Krypt.-Fl. 42: 21. 1890. Not U. americana Mitt. 1864.
Plants dark green at the tips, dark purplish-brown to almost black below, 1-2 cm. high, rigid, brittle; leaves closely imbricate when dry, crowded, not contorted nor crisped, 1.5-2.5 mm/long, 0.4-0.6 mm. wide at the base, the upper narrower, concave-carinate, lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, obtuse to obtusely acute, the margins more or less recurved; costa nearly or quite percurrent; upper leaf-cells papillose, very thick-walled, subcircular to elliptic, the lumen 8-10 n in diameter; median basal cells strongly colored, very thickwalled, linear, the lumen often little wider than the walls; marginal basal cells with thinner walls, often also colored; seta 2-4 mm. long; capsules long-exserted, oblong-ovoid, the «~ir «^«t /mm lone, the urn about 1.7 mm. long, pale yellowish-brown; old capsules sub-
* Credited bv Bridel to "Web. Tab. Syn. Muse", presumably Weber & Mohr, Tabula exhibens Muscorum frondosorum genera (1813); this work has not been available. cylindric and much darker in color, becoming strongly 8-ribbed when dry; calyptra very hairy; exothecial cells differentiated along the ribs; operculum conic-rostrate; peristome-teeth 16, united in pairs, finely papillose, erect at dehiscence, becoming reflexed later, perforate on the median line above; segments 8, slender, of two rows of cells, about half the length of the teeth; spores about 15 p. in diameter, maturing in early summer.
Type locality: Near Bantry, Eire.
Distribution: On calcareous rocks, rarely on trees; eastern United States and Canada, south to Georgia, west to the Rocky Mountains ; Arizona (Bar tram) ; Europe.
bibliographic citation
North American flora. vol 15A (1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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